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Clinton Failed Policies

Clinton Failed Policies is a follow on the Obama Failed Policies which was started shortly after Obama got elected president.   Recently a revision was created Failed Obama Policies which updated the web site to the latest HTML5 and PHP web state of the art standards.  The reason we have created this site is in case the voting ignorance of the U.S. chooses to elect Hillary and we are cursed with eight more years of Obama failures.

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    We are patriots who wish to remind the lamestream biased media that the Clintons are only interested in benefiting themselves and not the American people. From Whitewater, impeachment, Clinton Cash, until the present day, they have left a trail of dishonesty and corruption.

  • ofp

    Ted CRUZ website hacked by Obama supporters who support ClintonFailedPolices.com illegal immigration policies. The election is dirty and will get a lot more unethical as the democrats announcer Hillary.

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